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Blockbuster Management 2021 February Releases

Bishop Norton single
"Heaven is where I wanna go"
"Heaven is where I wanna go" has hit top #40 on National Billboard Gospel Airplay Charts, #1 on Neilson Internet Gospel Charts, 418k Facebook streams, 158,489k Spotify streams, over 101k Youtube streams. Bishop has toured America, Canada, and Mexico performing this song and he has blessed the nation. His music has capture listners in Russia and India.

Message by Dr. Calvin Norton

Thank you for Supporting my single "Heaven is where I wanna go" ot number #1 on MRC Neilson Bds & Top #40 on National Billboard Gospel Airplay Charts.

National Billboard Gospel artist Bishop Norton welcomes you here..

National Billboard Gospel artist Rod Forte welcomes you here.

Thanks for purchasing your tickets to the 37th Annual Blockbuster Showdown Gold Cup Awards- May 28, 2022.

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“Man From Galilee” Click on the below link to retrieve the song.
SRC: QM-YKR-19-00002 UPC: 78269 For your convenience, below is an MP3 / WAV link of “Man From Galilee.”
MP3 / WAV Link: https://spaces.hightail.com/space/OVIcKelisX